What’s in your cup?

Chaiwala chai consists of a tea base, fresh ginger, eight freshly ground spices, and honey. Keep reading to learn more!


Masala chai means spiced tea in Hindi which is why we use eight different spices including cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, star anise, ginger, black peppercorn, cloves and nutmeg. To ensure a flavourful cup, we freshly grind or crack each spice in small batches.


Raw, fresh ginger root is an amazing cure for nausea and a powerful anti-inflammatory (and therefore helps reduce joint pain and stiffness). That’s why we hand peel ginger, finely grate it, and mix it with our spices to add a subtle kick.


Our tea, spices, and ginger are then blended with honey for a natural sweetness. But there’s another reason we add honey to the mix it’s an amazing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and probiotic.

Responsibly Sourced

Our ingredients are carefully sourced from around the world. For example, we work with a local, sustainable apiary to source our honey. That means our honey changes with the season, just as nature intended it to!

Fair Trade

By working with Mana Organics (a non-profit organization), we are able to collaborate with Indian farmers to source the best spices and tea. We’re proud to be one of the few tea companies that directly trades with farmers to ensure fair compensation, a transparent supply chain, and the freshest ingredients.

Fresh Ingredients

Our ingredients include black Assam tea, fresh ginger, honey, and eight different spices including ceylon cinnamon, black pepper, and cardamom. In our unique herbal chai blend, we replace the black tea with South African rooibos for a delicious caffeine-free option.


As the only producers of a wet loose-leaf chai in North America, we’re proud to say that we handcraft every batch in Toronto, ON. When you place an order, we pack it by hand, and send it on its merry way to YOU!